During our history in New Mexico, we appreciate the many opportunities to give back to the community. In our 8 years we raised or donated $233,334.52 to those in need and we are grateful. 

2017: Donated $5,000 in toys and gift wrapping proceeds of $378 to Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Mexico, plus Brian Urlacher Salvation Army Auction Proceeds $560.00, and donated a total of $4,223.00 between Course Sponsorship & funds raised for St. Jude Walk / Run to end Childhood Cancer.

2016: Sponsor of the Brian Urlacher Inaugural Golf Tournament to benefit the Salvation Army, and donated merchandise amounting to a total of $8,600.52 to: The Public Library of ABQ-Bernco, Family Promise of Albuquerque, “The Precious Gems Gala” – UNM New Mexico Child Abuse Prevention Partnership, Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central New Mexico.

2015: $29,575 in clothes to Goodwill in early October plus $6221 in charitable donations, and 8,000 books (approx.) to Albuquerque Business Education Compact in May.

2014: $46,437.00 in donated merchandise plus 6,000 books (approx.) acquired for children of all ages to help eradicate illiteracy.

2013: $45,287.00 in donated merchandise.

2012: $35,534.00 in donated merchandise and also raised circa $15,000 for a local Cancer victim to cover medical costs.

2011: $36,669.00 in donated merchandise.

House of Football supports Zak

House of Football Co-Owners and their Children

Brian Urlacher and Andy Hageman

Andy Hageman with Brian Urlacher and the golf team to benefit the Salvation Army

House of Football gets Roger Goodell's Help

Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner Helped House of Football Support local Cancer survivor

House of Football's Book Drive

House of Football Donated Books

House of Football Gives Miguel a Signed Peyton Manning Helmet

Co-Owner with Miguel and local cancer survivor at Casa Esperanza

House of Football's fundraiser for Zak Lannon

Brian Urlacher Supported local Cancer survivor.